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Seminar "How to enhance your figure with flattering clothing styles"
Seminar  "How to enhance your figure with flattering clothing styles", international project  "Blooming Age" 


05-16-2016, 4.00-6.00pm

Library # 3, 14-A, 17 line, Basil Island, St-Petersburg


Class is designed to explain  how to build a wardrobe that is individualized to your specific body line. You will discover the styles that flatter your figure and emphasizes your best features. Personal style is a blending of a person’s essence with the chosen clothes.  Stick with  colors, lines and shapes that work for you.  Keep it simple and  play up your strengths.  Learn  how to alter your wardrobe  style  to your personality and your life style. You will have time to practice and experiment with their clothing.  

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