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Beauty Event "Winter Fantasies"
Beauty Event  "Winter Fantasies", December, 18 was  a part of  my  international volunteering  project "Blooming Age"  (stylistic project  for women in elegant age in St.Petersburg, Russia). Participants of event are attendees of  seminars on personal image improvement. Event included: workshop  "Fashion 2016 update", Fashion Show, competition  "The Best Festive Look" and lottery "Everybody Wins!"


Our sincere gratitude to the administration of  Library # 3 of  Vasileostrovsky district for the technical support of event and the exhibition of the books about the personal image, grooming,  image, fashion, beauty, and etiquette.


All our partners  are small women's businesses of Vasileostrovsky district of  St. Petersburg:

Marina  Dunaevskaya, director of  boutiques chain "European clothes"

Inga Chernetskii, owner of the salon designer clothes,

Tatiana Gerasimova, director of the company  making and repairing clothes,

Zeinab Abbasova, director of beauty salon  "Sevilla"

Irina Kiseleva, our photographer - volunteer.

Thank you very much to our partners for their support and great prizes for participants of competition! 

Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant


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