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Benefits of personal image consulting

Seminar "What is your personal style expression?"

What is your fashion persona/personal style expression? Are you Classic, Romantic or may be  Dramatic  and Natural, or Sporty Chic? Each person has a unique inner personality, but also a personality of appearance.

Seminar "How to give new life to your old clothing"
"Workshop was a lot of  fun! We really enjoyed our time together  and learned from each other a lot! Thank you Tatiana and all participants for
sharing  ideas and creativity!"   Irena

Image seminars, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2015

"Beauty Without Borders"  is an  international  project that based on  educational program on  personal image enhancement and self presentation ( in Russian and English). This program  aim is to help women to look  better and up to date,  gain self-confidence  and feel great about themselves. The meaning of the project  is to popularize a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage the ability to keep pace with the times and fashion with respect to personal style!

For more information please contact me 
7-981-735-4665  or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you are in personal services such as Bridal Shop, Accessories or Fashion Boutique, Hair or Nail Salon, Dressmaking, Fabrics, Clothing or Shoes Supplier, Tailor or Event Planner, Interior Designer, Weight Loss Professional or Cosmetic Surgeon, Jeweler, Photographer, Model and Talent Agency wner, Eye Frame Supplier, Community Center Leader, Sport, Fitness, or Health  Club Manager, or a Senior Club leader, or may be provider of other professional services that related to beauty, this Color Training  is for you! 

Program "Blooming Age" for seniors

Styling project for women 50+ "Blooming Age"  is helping women since 2009. The project was specifically developed for women who are facing physiological changes of aging. After turning fifty they still want to look and to feel great! The  purpose of the project is to help women  to create a modern, fresh and natural  attractive image that allows them to feel more confident and joyful and wakes up their desire to be more social, active and sought after!  

Tips on how to age with sophistication and grace.   
Anti-aging makeup tips               

Photo-project "Blooming Age" for women 50+    Makeovers in The Villages, FL 

For more information click on the picture and links below!

Workshop for "Leisure Women" group at Truman RC in The Villages, FL



“Going Gray and Looking Gorgeous! “

Course “Going Gray and Looking Gorgeous!",  Lifelong Learning College, in The Villages, FL.  
During this course you will  find out how to develop attractive, harmonious and positive image for this particular life stage. It will help you to adapt to physiological changes of ageing, to feel more confident and easier to adapt to a new social environment (retirement).

"Tanya, I cannot tell you how much you have done for the way I feel about myself! It isn't just the colors, makeup, etc., but all about the personal style and extra hints you gave us! I am so happy that I took your course and look forward to the scarf and accessories session. Again, thanks for making me feel like a New Person!" Frances, The Villages, FL 

Seminar "Guidelines for your best makeup & wardrobe colors"

Right colors make a difference and are very beneficial for your appearance.  They  help you to look more vibrant and fit in any clothing. There will be information about color-seasons theory and  explanations about how different colors enhance our  natural coloring.  You will learn about  color messages, get new ideas for color combinations for your wardrobe and accessories.

Seminar "Wonderful world of accessories"

Our wardrobe is never quite complete without accessories. Accessories pull everything together and add a unique personal touch to our look. Accessories that are close to our face such necklines, collars, lapels, prints,  jewelry, eyeglass frame, scarves, and your hairstyle  are especially important.  

Presentation for Tri- County Women’s Connection in Savannah Center, The Villages, FL

Course "Always look your best!", LL College, The Villages, FL

Your image is your personal resume. At a quick glance most people intuitively make estimates about your personal appeal, likeness, approachability, intelligence, and other qualities.  Learn how to create your true personal style, enhance your image and look youthful, energetic and attractive at any age!


"Tanya,  thanks again for all your help. I am wearing shorts and skirts and tucking in my long blouses. Also bought sandals with high heels. Already friends are telling me I look very good. Wish I had met you ages ago!" Mary. D The Villages, FL


Now you can receive all services on the personal image enhancement online at the comfort of your home! The same great professional image tools will be used for your online consultation  that I use  for consultation in person. All  tips and handouts will be provided with online services. 



Seminar "Skin care and makeup routine for women 50+"

The perfect makeup look isn't the same for everyone, but is unique for each individual. I can help with yours   whatever your age or the condition of your skin.  Find out about the changes in a woman’s makeup as she goes to the stage of  "Graceful Beauty"  (50+ ) and what makeup look is appropriate for different life styles and occasions. Your makeup color  selection will be based on your Color Analysis results and compliment your unique natural coloring. After this seminare you will know how to archive that polished makeup look!





Workshop for Classy Ladies of Leesburg, FL

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