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Perpetual Beauty
Anti-aging makeup tips

Hairstyle guidelines for all ages
There are many jokes about bad hair days.  There are t-shirts that sport the bad hair days.  The truth is when your hair looks awful, so do you.  But here’s the good news:  there is no bad hair, only bad haircuts.
While grey hair is perfectly acceptable to some women, signaling  wisdom, maturity  and confidence...These grey strands could be a big question for others... Whether you decide to put up a fight or let nature take its course, here are a few tips you should know about going gray. When you wear gray well,  you are unforgettable. If you play it wrong, you risk looking like a  matron. Would you consider being gray or not? Here's what you need to know to decide.

Top 10 Ways to Make Grey Great

General guidelines for looking younger
 Keep up-to-date on current fashions. Go through  magazines and catalogues to  check what is current for the season in color and style and think
what will be  appropriate for your body type an
d natural coloring. 

“Going Gray and Looking Gorgeous! “

Course “Going Gray and Looking Gorgeous!",  Lifelong Learning College, in The Villages, FL.  
During this course you will  find out how to develop attractive, harmonious and positive image for this particular life stage. It will help you to adapt to physiological changes of ageing, to feel more confident and easier to adapt to a new social environment (retirement).

"Tanya, I cannot tell you how much you have done for the way I feel about myself! It isn't just the colors, makeup, etc., but all about the personal style and extra hints you gave us! I am so happy that I took your course and look forward to the scarf and accessories session. Again, thanks for making me feel like a New Person!" Frances, The Villages, FL 

Seminar "Skin care and makeup routine for women 50+"

The perfect makeup look isn't the same for everyone, but is unique for each individual. I can help with yours   whatever your age or the condition of your skin.  Find out about the changes in a woman’s makeup as she goes to the stage of  "Graceful Beauty"  (50+ ) and what makeup look is appropriate for different life styles and occasions. Your makeup color  selection will be based on your Color Analysis results and compliment your unique natural coloring. After this seminare you will know how to archive that polished makeup look!






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