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Illusion dressing is the art of creating a pleasing balance of your body proportions through the use of line, texture, pattern, color,
and scale in your clothing.

You can learn how to use colors and lines  to look more fit, balanced and proportional, focus attention where you wish and accentuate
your best features.
There are more than 30 common body challenges that clients mention at my consultations.

Here just a couple of examples.

Narrow shoulders. How to visually make them look broad?          


- combination of light and bright colors on the top and darker bottom
- horizontal stripes visually make you wider
- large prints on thr top with dark bottom
- light shirts and jackets will visually maker your shoulders broader

How to minimize a double chin or heavy jowls?

- choose shirt collar carefully, It should be the correct size, 
- collar have to lay smoothly, 
- lower collar styles are the best,  
- avoid collars that fit too tightly and jackets that ride high
  in a back.

After this consultation you will  know how to create the illusion of a slimmer body, a taller body, a shorter body, or more balanced proportions simply by choosing different colors, lines and shapes of your clothing to balance your proportions. 

1hour - $50 for women and men

Call to schedule your consultation in Florida: 352-633-3683, 617-686-7787 - Tatiana,
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