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General guidelines for looking younger
 Keep up-to-date on current fashions. Go through  magazines and catalogues to  check what is current for the season in color and style and think
what will be  appropriate for your body type an
d natural coloring. 

Stay current with the season’s hottest new colors. It is easy way to update  your fashion image.  Try to find a color close to color in your palettte

Dress youthfully, but avoid extremes on clothing. women who try to dress  like  their daughters do not impress anyone.
Select clothing that is “ageless”. You cannot go wrong with tailored suits,  slim skirts with slits or kick pleats, wrap skirts, classic notched collar shirts,  cowl necked blouses  and straight legged pants.

  • Do not show  anything that needs to be covered. Be honest with yourself  and select your clothing accordingly.
  • Play up your strengths. Great legs, neck or arms? Show them! 

Refine your personal style. Have your own fashion flair!  

For personal consultation or seminar for your group call 352-633-3683- Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant 


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