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One of my clients has asked for help to coordinate her wardrobe and  create  some clothing capsules for her life style. Here is a brief description of an idea of cupsuling. Cupsuling is a traditional European way of dressing when a few good items from your core wardrobe are tastefully  assembled together. From a few wardrobe  items  and with addition of the accessories you can create many outfits  for different  life styles (all your clothing should mix and match easily).

Creating capsules is beneficial because:

  • from a few pieces you have more multiple  looks
  • your wardrobe cost you less
  • it is easier to update with a few pieces
  • it takes less time to decide what to wear every day
  • you save time and money 

Idea of cupsuling is becoming popular in US where most of women have a closets full of mismatched  garments that difficult  to put together.
Learn about    this easy and smart way to dress for your life styles! You  will never be overwhelmed with a huge amount of clothing in your closet and will always look great! 
 Here is some practical advice and some illustrations about wardrobe capsules: 

  • All items/coordinates in your capsules have to be in colors from your Personal Color Palette and match with each other.
  • The core wardrobe items have to be in your best basic colors: gray, black, brown, navy, camel..
  • Coordinates have to be in style according to your face shape and figure type
  • Items in each capsule should be appropriate for the particular lifestyle situation

An example how to put together outfits by using  a skirt from the skirt suit in basic gray color. One skirt easily matches with four different tops (with a help of accessories)and gives you four different  looks.

Pant suit in basic brown color is great business outfit and could be easily transformed for another life styles. Combination of pants with darker brown cardigan and accessories creates  business casual look. With the addition of a  beautiful scarf and taupe sued jacket you are ready to go out after work.    

When you creat a capsule for a business look always consider your work environment. The dress code for some companies is more conservative than others. You want to look professional, so use your common sense and try to see yourself as others see you.  Remember that contrasting colors make you look more authoritative. With minimal contrast in your clothung you look more casual, friendly and approachable.

Depending on climate and your life activities the amount of your capsules can be variable. Most importantly  capsuling will give you a practical and versatile wardrobe that works smartly  for  different  events in your life style:  business, casual, sport/school events with kids  or social and evening… It will give you  maximum satisfaction and make your life so much easier!  
If you need help to find your best enhancing colors and flattering clothing styles, or to organize your closet

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