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Program "Blooming Age" for seniors

Styling project for women 50+ "Blooming Age"  is helping women since 2009. The project was specifically developed for women who are facing physiological changes of aging. After turning fifty they still want to look and to feel great! The  purpose of the project is to help women  to create a modern, fresh and natural  attractive image that allows them to feel more confident and joyful and wakes up their desire to be more social, active and sought after!  

Tips on how to age with sophistication and grace.   
Anti-aging makeup tips               

Photo-project "Blooming Age" for women 50+    Makeovers in The Villages, FL 

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International project "Beauty Without Borders": 

Makeovers in St-Petersburg, Russia

"Extravaganza", Spring, 2015, St-Petersburg, Russia    

"Madam Glamour -2015", in Russian

"Photo-shoot  Dancing with umbrellas", St-Petersburg, Russia 

Grand-opening of Cafe "Banope", St-Petersburg, Russia          

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