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What does lucky shopping mean?
It is a smarter way to shop, have fun while building and improving your wardrobe!  


 - Learn the markdown schedule in your favorite stores

 - Use end-of-season sales to stock up on classics

 - Be sure you know the store’s return policy   

 - Never purchase an item because it looks good on someone else    

 - Skip it if  there is nothing in the closet to wear with it   

 -  If you have to talk yourself in to a purchase in the fitting room, pass on it     

 - If you unsure about a big  ticket  item, put it on hold and think about it      

 - Always try it on and always sit down in it    

 - If you fall in love with really amazing one-of-kind item , buy it right away     

 - If you cannot stop to think about the item, go back and get it instantly        

 - Learn about shapes and labels that  you  can count on for the shopping emergency   

 - Befriend a sales person. She might put desired sale item aside for you or even give you markdown before a sale begins

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