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Some suggestions about how to wear animal prints and keep your outfits stylish & tasteful: animal print in a vague for already a  few last seasons. Designers use a lot of African, Asian, tribal, safari and  nature  motives of   zebra stripes, giraffe prints, cheetah and leopard spots...There are almost everywhere  in women's fashion for clothing, accessories, shoes and hand bags...

Animal Prints can  add a touch of class to your outfit if you use it tastfully.

Don't overdo  animal prints. Balance them  with complimentary pieces of your wardrobe.

Use one of them with animal prints at time.  They are fashionable when worn  in one pattern, it keeps your look tasteful.

Example: leopard print skirt with a solid top and jacket, or a zebra print blouse with a  black pants or skirt.

Scarves, gloves or handbag with animal prints are great accessories.
They  give your  wardrobe fashionable and up to date look.

Remember about your face shape when choose your pattern: if you have a contoured face, your prints should have a curve to them.
 If your face is angled – choose  print with angles.

Stay with you scale! Too large patterns overwhelming for petit women, neither for full figured.

Big pattern always make your silhouette looks larger

Animal prints compliment neutrals and solid colors. They are good additions to basics such a basic black, white, dark  brown,  camel or beige.

Do not wear” big hair” and short skirt with animal prints, unless you want to bring attention to your “wild side"

Animal prints are good for the natural and dramatic personalities. Classics women also can wear them with class and grace

Do not wear animal prints just because they are popular and never wear them with business outfits!


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