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Central Floridians have a clothing style that was created for the need to be comfortable in the hot, humid climate and to blend in with the vacation atmosphere. Clothing style have become lightweight and casual. Here are some advice (based on FL Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

 DO: light-colored, lightweight and loose-fitting clothing are the top choice for hot weather.
Light-colored cloth
ing reflects sun light. Also, li
ght-colored cl
othing looks softer and cooler.

DON’T: opt for dark clothing, it will absorbs the heat of the sun and actually turn into heat. If you wear black, expect to get brutally hot because it's the darkest color of all.
DO: cotton and linen are the ideal conductors of heat, which is why summer clothing is usually made from these materials. Cotton is breathable material. Linen absorbs sweat then quickly dries. You stay cooler because more air passes over your body.
Wearing a light-colored hat will further limit sun exposure and keep you cooler. A wide-brimmed hat is also recommended to shield the head and face from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

DON’T: Avoid materials that firm and waves are close. When air can't escape, you will perspire and your clothing will get soaked with.

DO: Wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothes that are the best for FL hot summers. Loose clothing made from light weight material in light color increase air circulation, stimulating sweat evaporation and preventing such health issues as heatstroke and heat rash.

DO: Wear as little clothing as possible during periods of extreme heat.
You can always add layering items later if temperatures drop a little. For hot FL weather the key are comfortable, easy wear, loose, easy to clean clothes in lightweight fabrics.  
If you are visiting from another state or country remember that in particularly humid climates,
sweat evaporates slowly, and the body cannot cool itself as quickly as it should.

It can take from four to seven days for the body to acclimate to extreme heat
.It is advisable to wear small amounts of loose-fitting, breathable clothing until the body adapts to the temperature.

Wear sunscreen at all times when outdoors and to drink plenty of fluids
regardless of your activity level.
  • Shorts and capris are always a hit for a casual look. A dressy pair of capris combined with light blouse or even tee short can take you almost anywhere: out to dinner, to work, to church or on a date.
  •   Shorts are good for the beach, but not appropriate for most other places. Bermudas or cargo shorts are more versatile and can be worn anywhere except for business.
  •  Neutrals colors are very popular now. Silk, cotton, linen and other lightweight materials have their part in the summer     neutral colors look.
  •   Try monochromatic looks, they are inventive, flexible and easy to transform from day to night with accessories. 
  •   Choose a dress that    accentuates your best features, and can also be worn out at night during the summer. A slimming dress is one that is fitted in the bust and waist and that flares out slightly at the hip, such as a controlled A-line dress.  


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