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“Going Gray and Looking Gorgeous! “

Course “Going Gray and Looking Gorgeous!",  Lifelong Learning College, in The Villages, FL.  
During this course you will  find out how to develop attractive, harmonious and positive image for this particular life stage. It will help you to adapt to physiological changes of ageing, to feel more confident and easier to adapt to a new social environment (retirement).

"Tanya, I cannot tell you how much you have done for the way I feel about myself! It isn't just the colors, makeup, etc., but all about the personal style and extra hints you gave us! I am so happy that I took your course and look forward to the scarf and accessories session. Again, thanks for making me feel like a New Person!" Frances, The Villages, FL 

For personal consultation or seminar for your group please contact me 352-633-3683, cell 617-686-7787- Tatiana 

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