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An educational "Personal  Image Enhancement  Program"©  aim is to help women to look more appealing and up to date,  gain self-confidence  and feel great about themselves. The program contents series of interactive and informative image seminars/webinars in English and Russian that can be customized for any type of social or business group. Seminars/webinars can be tailored to your interests and  will be provided in the format you desire. They may include Power Points,  demonstrations with models or members of the audience, and hand-on practicing. 

Benefits of personal image consulting and seminars 


Image Seminars in The Villages, FL 
Image Seminars in St-Petersburg, Russia 

The "Personal  Image Enhancement  Program"© is a part of project "Beauty Without Borders".   The meaning of the project is to internationally popularize the importance of personal image presentation, and to encourage women's  ability to keep pace with the times and fashion with respect to personal style! 

List of seminars:


"Guidelines for your best enhancing makeup & wardrobe colors" 

"Makeup techniques that enhance your beauty" 


"Find out about clothing  styles that flatter your figure"

"Style rules for every day" 

"Look slimmer, taller and better proportioned "
(How to create a Visual Illusions with your clothing)


"What is your Personal Style Expression"
(Genuine style versus ever changing fashion)

"Closet clean up & wardrobe organizing" 

"How to give new life to your old clothing"


"How to grey gracefully & look gorgeous! "

"Compliment your look with correct accessories!"

"Methods of personal image enhancement for executives and managers"

"The importance of  personal image in entrepreneurship, communication and  social interactions" 

"Stylist advice for travelers" (How to pack your suitcase

for any trips,  how to choose a good companion  while traveling)

"How to always look good in your pictures" (Creating  visual illusions with colors

and clothing styles and posing for photo sessions")   


Below is a listing of some places  where image seminares have been presented for women groups in Florida, US

Paddock Mall, Ocala, FL

TV LL College,
The Villages, FL                                                                   

Belk, The Villages, FL                                                                                                     

Savannah Recreation Center, The Villages, FL

The Villages Library at Pinellas Plaza, The Villages, FL

Tree of Life Personal Enrichment Center, Lady Lake, FL

Sea Breeze Recreation Center, The Villages, FL

Boutique "Coldwater Creek", The Villages, FL

"Another Look" Boutique, Leesburg, FL

Havana Country Club, The Villages, FL

Brookdale Senior Living, The Villages, FL                                                                           

Florida Hospital Waterman, Tavares, FL

Tea Plantation Restaurant, The Villages, FL                                                              

Waterfront Hotel,The Villages, FL

GFWC Wildwood Woman’s Club, Wildwood, FL

Bridgeport Women  Club, The Villages, FL

Classy Ladies Woman’s Club, Leesburg, FL

Truman RC,The Villages, FL

Lake Miona RC, The Villages, FL

Avalon at Lexington,Lexington, MA

Curves, Andover, MA

Nordstrom, Natick, MA

Lord and Taylor, Natick, MA

Origins, Burlington, MA

For more information please call 352-633-3683 or cell - 617-686-7787 - Tatiana, or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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