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Fashion bulletins show  a lot of chick sparkles, fringy clothing and accessories, wooden  heels, rich in color exotic bags,metallic clothing and much more...
You do not need to spend a lot of money to update  or simply  refresh your look for a current trends.


Always remember your best colors and clothing styles are like lyrics & music for the song! 


They are essential  for creating your  Personal Image and building a functional & versatile 

wardrobe for your life style!

Pick a scarve, or any accessory with a new and  lovely  colors that compliment
you and on your Color Palette! Choose a style that is flattering for your figure type and proportions!



Fringe give your clothing that bohemian and playful  silhouette, that  simple, but eye catching.


Metallic color does not have to be blinding. Wear your  metallic in the stylish and tasteful way!

New bags look - a lot of color, beads and embroidery!

This coming  spring a lot of shoes with heels  that are carved and stacked with fringed straps.
Sandals are earthy and colorful.



Glitter it all with jewels, prints, ornaments for evening looks and special occasions.

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