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Tips for shopping for handbags

Hunting for your perfect everyday handbag or would like to have a nice bag collection for different occasions? Here are some strategies to make bag shopping more productive and successful!

More information on the bags from "Handbag Encyclopedia" by Tiashanee from Polyvore

Think, what do you use your bag for and how it will work for your needs

Have your regular items ready to see if they will fit in your new bag

Think about the outfit you are going to wear with this bag most often

Check return policies

Pay attention to finish of the bag. It is better to be mark resistant for everyday usage

Remember about the  scale and proportion! Smaller bags with small prints for petite women and larger bags for full figure women

Consider the style and color of the bag.

It is safer to buy bag in one of your best basic colors. Make sure it will match your outfits and accessories.

Accessories, and especially bags, are great way to add color and uniqueness of personal style to your image.

Always wear colors that compliment your skin tone and enhance your overall natural coloring!

Make statement with your look that turns heads – because you are beautiful!

Information Includeds  material of Sally McGraw,  style-image writer


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