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Your image is your personal resume. At a quick glance most people subconsciously make an estimate about your personal appeal, approachability, intelligence, and other qualities. A Harvard study concluded that 55% of that critical first impression is made up of appearance. Another 38% is made up of how you sound, and only 7% is made up of what you say. Research has proven that your clothing and accessories communicate strong, intuitive, and consistent messages about you. It is why I am here to offer you a Personal Image Enhancement  services.  Together we can create your true personal style and enhance your image.  

Everyone can benefit from image consulting: business professionals, students, retired, married or single, in a great physical shape or not, small or large...anyone! You can find out about the best personal colors that enhance your features and discover clothing lines that flatter your unique body shape. Look slimmer, taller, more proportional and always in style!

Knowing your best colors and styles will also allow you to save precious money and time and build a closet full of clothesand accessories you will wear again and again. Here is the right place to reinvent yourself and get your best look ever!

Look through my services to review available consultations, and contact me to discuss the one that suit your needs the best. Tips and handouts for colors, makeup techniques, accessories, wardrobe and shopping will be provided consistent with the consultation you receive. 

For individual consultation or workshop for your group  in Florida
call 352-633-3683, or cell-617-686-7787 - Tanya,
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