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Here are some tips on how to instantly get a fresh and up-to- date look!

  • Always keeping in mind your defined colors and styles.
  • simple change of color in eye shadow or lipstick or a new haircut that is appropriate for your face shape will  make a wonderful difference.
  • You can perk up your whole look instantly with one new accessory.
  • Change color or shape of your eye glasses or sun glass frames (most people pay attention for them first)– it will be noticeable. 
  • A new handbag will help to transform your style instantly. 
  • fashionable scarf and matched gloves will update your look.  
  • New stylish shoes always give you the finishing touch and help to pull it all together.
  • Review your closet. You will probably find something just waiting for a new life.
  • A  little adjustment might be all that is needed to refresh your look. It is a great idea to buy new fashion magazines and when you see a new hairstyle, dress, or a new makeup color – cut out the pictures for your Personal Image File.
Would you like to get some professional help? Call for image consultation  352-633-3683 - Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant 


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