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Eye glasses can distort your eyes and your makeup. Here  are some useful tips on eyeglases frames 

Near-sighted lens have a tendency to make eyes appear smaller.
To counteract the reduction choose brighter, bolder shadows and more mascara to be sure that your eyes do not look small under your lenses.

Far sighted lens  makes your eyes look larger and your eye makeup more prominent.
If you are far-sighted choose lighter and muted colors for your eye shadows that will not seem so obvious.

The frames of your glasses should be the plastic or metal of your season or blend with the colors in your fan.

The colors should be chosen to harmonize with your hair: darker color frame for dark hair, medium frame for mediup color hair, light frame for light hair.
The shape of your glasses should softly follow the shape of your face, but should not emphasize a pronounced facial counter. For example, if your jaw is squared, your glasses should be square with rounded edges.

Example of eye glasses frames for a pear shaped face


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