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Eye brows is a  crutial feature of our face. They kind of frame the face and suppose to be in harmony with all other facial features. 


We can notice right away when eye brows are too dark, or too thin, or thick.

Thick eyebrows can visually minimize your eys

Thin eyebrows make you look unnatural and stagey

If color of your eye brows is too light, there is no enough of prsonal expression on your face and you look disbalanced

If color of your eye brows is too dark you can look older, harsh and rigorous

Here are some tips on how to make your eyebrows look perfect:

Fill your eyebrows with a brow powder or pencil to achieve the shape you prefer.This will let you easily see the stray hairs that need to be plucked

To trim thick brows, start by brushing up the hair close to the bridge of your nose. Carefully shape by trimming across. Brush brow, then trim again if necessary to achieve a desired shape.

If plucking or waxing of your brows scares you, try to shape them using Concealer Stick. With a fine brush, apply a thin line of the Concealer under the arch of your brows and add a touch of powder. It will help you to camouflage un-plucked hairs and shape your eyebrows.    

What a difference eye brows can make!

Here is a link to more Eyebrows Shaping Tips - http://www.eyebrowz.com/shaping.htm

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