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Remember, you never will be given a chance to make that second impression. Here are some basic tips on how to get ready for an interview.

  • Makeup natural, neutral colors, classic application, red (neutral) lipstick, do not over perfume
  • Nails:clear polish, French manicure
  • Hair should be kept neatly combed, not hanging in the face
  • Dress or suit - wear a color conservative or  solid color
  • Avoid patterns and bright colors
  • Avoid open toe, sling back or stiletto shoes
  • Wear nude or tan hose.
  • Be conservative in your jewelry. Avoid big earrings and things that jingle
  • Glasses: non-reflective, clear lenses, classic frames
  • Wear a suit (navy, gray or charcoal) with a white shirt neatly pressed
  • Keep ties conservative
  • Wear dark, over the calf socks that match the suit
  • Black leather shoes (wingtips or loafers) that are polished. No boots.
  • Minimal jewelry – watch, wedding ring and school ring are acceptable
  • Conservative haircut – collar length, above the ears, neatly combed
  • Either clean shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair
BOTH - Always wear a smile, maintain eye contact and remember to have a firm handshake.  

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