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Five things to check out in the mirror before you leave to the party! 

Makeup  - evening calls for a bit more color, so try a smoky eye or bold lip. And if you're a shimmer addict,
tonight you can wear it with abandon, so dust on decolletage, brow bone or temples 

Shoes - go wild with color, sparkle and prints, but beware of too-high heels that'll force you to sit down way before the ball drops. 
Hair- pull it back, put it up, wear it down. Just do something that's not your everyday style. 

Lingerie - you'll feel instantly dressy and celebratory in your sexiest stuff! 

Jewelry -  wear  one big piece of bling, be it rhinestone drop earrings, a gaggle of good chains or a sparkly brooch

Based on  “Glamour's Big Book of DOS & DON'TS”

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