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Personal grooming is a very important element of personal image. Here are some general, but important recommendations for  the right hairstyle for men.  

For a consistent positive image
have your hair cut monthly. Keep it clean, non-greasy, and combed. 

For the best balance a large man should wear his hair slightly fuller than a smaller man.

A small man can look top heavy in a hair style that is too full

A larger man head may look too small in a hair style that is too short.

If you have a significantly
receding hairline or you are balding, keep your hair cut short.

Short hair draws less attention to balding and makes you look more confident and self assured. 

Avoid trying to spread your hair over a balding area by parting hair near your ear and combing it over the top of your head6
or combing your hair forward.

Notice that many highly successful men are bald and don't try to cover it.
Your image of confidence is undermined by obvious cover-ups.

Here is a tip for hairstyle for men with a A-triangle face shape.

If you have A-triangle face shape, schoos hairstyles
that visually broaden your forehead
and  high and full on top and slightly fuller at sides.
Wear a side part brushed of the forehead.

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