A L L     A B O U T     Y O U R     B E S T     P E R S O N A L     C O L O R S     &     S T Y L E.     CENTRAL     FLORIDA,     352-633-3683
Image seminars in The Villages, Florida, US
Personal consultations, seminars and workshops for women groups on personal image enhancement now available in The Villages and central Florida! Please call to  book your date and time in advance  352-633-3683, cell - 617-686-7787,
or  e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Tatiana Tchernova, international image consultant 

Makeovers in The Villages, FL    
Makeovers in St-Petersburg, Russia 

Photo-sessions "Blooming Age" for women 50+

Listing of the featured image seminars 

Pictures from Image seminars at Lifelong Learning College and workshops for women groups in The Villages, FL 

This is what my attendees are saying: 
"Tanya, your course is outstanding! Thank you! You rock:)!"  Sharon K 
"Tanya, I loved the image course! I learned so much and I will use it! You gave me a courage to try new things! Thank you!" Fran T 

"I LOVED THE COURSE! I learned a lot and it was FUN! Thank you Tanya!" Rita S
"I loved the couse and I learned a lot! Thank you! I am so sorry that it is over...I want to learn more! Look forward to accessory session!" Janet S



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