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Do not neglect your lips while taking care about your skin! Lips need the  same routine as skin does: cleansing, peeling and moisturizing. So, include  lip care in your  daily skin care regime.

Choose  lipsticks that will compliment your skin tone and your teeth color! When applying  lipstick - pay attention to whether or not  it makes your teeth look yellow or dark, or it makes them  whiter or lighter.

For a cool undertone of the skin choose a bluish lipstick that will be coordinated with your blushes and eye shadows

For a warm undertone of the skin pick a lipstick with shade of orange, corral, terracotta

All your makeup colors should be in harmony,  from cool or warm color category
and should enhance your skin complexion and facial features.

Remember that light pearly and sparkly colors of lipstick visually enlarge,
but dark and mate colors visually diminish the size of your lips.

If you need to correct uneven lips use a concealer:

apply, and blend in covering uneven lips,

- dust a little bit of powder,

- draw desired shape with a lip pencil color close to your lipstick color,

- fill in with lipstick…. and greet the world with a beautiful smile!

If you feel like you need a lighter shade of lipstick, but cannot find one,
apply a light gloss on  top of lipstick, it will light it up, make it look softer  
and add some fullness to your lips.

Remember size of your lips need to be in proportion with your facial features.

If you use bright lipstick, your eye makeup need to be softer. One statement at a time!

Makeup techniques and harmony of makeup colors help you to look attractive and confident!

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