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What my clients are saying:

Tanya is a very special lady who really knows how to help anyone look their best thru the use of the best colors for them. I had a makeover with her yesterday and LOVED the result. Thank you Tanya, for a wonderful session with you,  the selection of the right colors and the makeup tips! I LOVE what you did for me! Call her for your turn, You will be pleased with the results! 


Tanya, I cannot tell you how much you have done for the way I feel about myself! It isn't just the colors, makeup, etc., but all about the personal style and extra hints you gave us! I am SO happy that I took your course and look forward to the scarf and accessories session. Again, thanks for making me feel like a New Person! Frances 

I enjoyed my consultation with Tatiana. It was very informative and helpful to me. I like to have a nice appearance, but don’t like to spend a lot of time experimenting and trying to find what makes me look the best. Tatiana has been able to narrow it down for me and gave me a few simple tips that made a big difference in my look. The two hours that we spent together was well worth it. I highly recommend her services. Olga S. Winter Park, FL

Thank you so much for the makeover and color advice.  You are so talented in your presentation and your application techniques. My look is so much softer and I like the new me!  I cannot thank you enough for being so kind and helpful this morning. Carol, The Villages, FL 


I want to thank you for going above and beyond with my online consultation. Our conversations explaining the customized color report were extremely helpful in understanding! Your explanations on skin tone and how to combine things have given me a whole new way to think about investing in a wardrobe. Our conversation on how personalities often seem to align with certain color palettes was very interesting and enlightening. I especially appreciate the time you took to meet with me on Skype and to address the issue of men’s business wear. I wish you the very best of success! John. D, East Lyme, CT .

Tanya, I just showed my before and after pictures  to my hubby... he is soooo amazed as well as me - seeing the difference is so great! It is just unbelievable how much a difference it really makes! Thanks so much! Mel. S The Villages, FL

Tanya,  thanks again for all your help. I am wearing shorts and skirts and tucking in my long blouses. Also bought sandals with high heels. Already friends are telling me I look very good. Wish I had met you ages ago! Mary. D The Villages, FL


Tanya, I would like to thank you for your time and the very interesting, enlightening presentation for our group. I think you covered a great deal in the amount of time and imagine each gal found something special for herself or about herself as your program covered many important details. You did an excellent job and again we all want to say how much we appreciated you! Carolyn W, Chairman, The Classy Ladies of Leesburg, Leesburg, FL


Thanks for a great morning class! It was fun getting to know you and all your good ideas. I learned a lot about my colors. I am going to come back for a style class! Thanks again, Kay K. The Villages, FL

Tanya, I really enjoyed meeting you and really have had fun with all the info you gave me.I went thru all of my clothes that very next day and pulled out everything that was the wrong color. I learned that I need to choose the right colors for me not just the colors I like. I held each item up to my face in natural light and could see in the mirror if the color was wrong along with my color chart that you gave me. I do carry it with me and used it just the other day to buy a shirt. I do plan to come back and learn more about what's right for me. My daughter also enjoyed her learning experience and my granddaughter had a great time too. They will use this info for the rest of their life and always look good thanks to you and your talent. Thanks so much. Joan, Sumterville, FL


Hi Tanya! Thanks for making the afternoon so delightful.   It will be fun to go shopping with my new colors.  The makeup stayed very nice the whole evening, I will seriously think about another consultation for that.   I especially liked that the mascara primer and mascara did not end up under my eyes.   Also all the makeup was easy to remove. I have several people in mind that I want to tell about your services. Nancy, Village of Tall Trees, The Villages, FL  


Tanya, I would like to thank you again for your time, your patience and care. I am grateful for an opportunity to have a consultation with you. Your knowledge and your experience allowed me  to rediscover the magic combination of colors, shapes, and to align it with "authentic "  me. It is so creative what you  do and it is fun too.  I would like to add that it takes an artist to make it happen. I wish you success in your " the beauty maker" business. Thank you. Sincerely, Tatyana Sutherland, Your Personal Wellbeing Consultant - Tampa, FL


"I have received a consultation on selecting colors for my wardrobe and I found it very useful. I usually have trouble figuring out what would suit me the best,  but Color Palette makes the process so much easier! And I don't waste money on clothes that won't work for me. Thank you Tanya!"  Carol, Personal Trainer, Andover, MA 



“Dear Tanya, I would like to take a minute and thank you for such a professional and worthwhile consultation helping me to identify clothing in the best colors and shapes and styles for me. Although I am now retired I still need to feel as though I look good and I am spending wisely on clothe that will work good on me for years to come. I truly believe that your consultation will help me to accomplish both of these objectives. Your passion for work is contagious and I religiously use your plan. Thanks so much for saving me time and money!” George, retired, The Villages, FL


I am not a "fancy" or "makeup girl":)... I received a color & style consultation mostly for practical and economical reasons. I don't have much time to spend shopping and her advice has already saved a lot of my time and money and I appreciate that a lot. It is much easier to select and combine various wardrobe pieces with my Personal Color Palette. I am a biologist and prefer a casual style. But occasionally, I attend conferences and seminars that call for a business style appearance... When I feel put together and confident about my look, it helps me to make that positive impression and to communicate with people better. Therefore, I find my personal Image Portfolio and Color Palette to be very useful ... and - thank you, Tanya! Julia, Lexington, MA 

“As a well endowed woman I have been searching for several years for a good supportive bra. I have shopped in many specialty shops and department stores and have not been successful until now. I finally discovered the Jenique bra and I love it! This bra molds to fit your body, gives great separation and support, and feels wonderful. While it does all of this, it is also light weight and very cool for sports and the hot humid Florida summers. I highly recommend this bra!”

Joan, retired, The Villages, FL 




“Dear Tanya, thank you for yet another informative, thought-provoking and fun class! I continue to be very impressed and pleased by your through preparation and concern that members of the class understand the information you are presenting. I have already learned a great deal, and look forward to our next classes.” Elaine, retired, The Villages, FL




"The color analysis was very interesting, I can't wait to use my palette when I go shopping! The makeup tips were practical and I've already received compliments on my new makeup! Thanks and I look forward to working with you again! " Casey, Therapist, Lexington, MA




"I could not imagine that colors and accessories can change my image so much and so fast. I understand and appreciate my individual style now. What a wonderful experience with “The Beauty Maker!” 

Maureen, Administrative Assistant, Lawrence, MA


"I never liked my glasses before I met Tanya. I got a new pair after Tanya's consultation. They make me look so feminine and elegant that now I actually like wearing them!" Megan, Teacher, Inverness, FL 



My skin is very sensitive and demanding. I have received a skin diagnosis and consultation for my daily skin care routine from Tanya and it was very helpful. I see much improvement in my skin' condition. Thank you very much!” Sandra, retired, Lexington, MA



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