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Scarves are the beauty for all seasons, all occasions and any age… A scarf is a simple accessory, but has more impact on the Image than a few other items together. Scarves might be very practical and fashionable. They add elegance and femininity to your look.  When you wear scarves on a cold winter day on the neck, shoulders or head they will make you warm, cozy and at the same time more stylish and feminine.

In the summer time you can get a fresh summer look  wearing  them like a top, or cool skirt, swimming  suit , wrap, or updating the look of your summer hat  with a bow or thread of pearl  combined with a scarf.

Scarves can be very helpful for connecting colors of your clothing and/or accessories.

Scarves and shawls never go out of fashion they can add charm to your image and define your  personal style. 

They can help to transform your casual or business look to romantic.

Combine your modest blouse with a beautiful scarf and it will become elegant and gorgeous.

Scarves can give  a new  and updated  look  to your wardrobe and make it more versatile!

They look great when combined  with perls and jewelry.

Are there some dresses or suits in your closet that you didn't wear for a while? Take them out of  the closet and try with various scarves.

They can give new life to your old dresses. A scarf is one piece where it pays to be bold in print and /or color.

You can balance your face shape and accentuate your best features tying scarves in different ways. 

Practice first!  The look needs to be effortless chic!  You will look irresistible and get a lot of compliments!

15 chic and creative ways to tie a scarves!

There are many ways to wear scarves. 

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