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 Every bride desires a beautiful wedding.  All decisions that need to be made for this beautiful and important day are connected with the choice of bride's appearance, her colors and style and have to harmonize with her image. 

Before making any plans for the wedding, bride should  have a color and style consultation. 
Right colors are  crucial for  the makeup, hair, bridal dress, flowers, interiors décor and most importantly - for photography. Bride's figure and her dress style will be most noticeable  and attract attention of whole wedding ceremony.

A consultation about color and style will help you save time, money and avoid a frustration.


With the color palette and style portfolio in hand she will be confident in selecting her best color and silhouette style for her wedding dress. She will also want to surround herself with a bridal party that is dressed in colors that are complementary to her. Lets create an unforgettable image for this special day!

Consultation comes with all personal prescriptions for colors, makeup, clothing styles that will  to suit bride's face, figure and personality…from the big picture down to the all-important details!

Packages available for brides & grooms with a great discount!


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