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Costume, hair and makeup can tell you instantly, give you a large perception of, who a character is"  Collen Atwod

Consultation Your Personal Style Expression versus to Your Fashion Persona

Does your clothing style represent your inner personality or just your choices from  fashion trends? You look well put together,  elegant and attractive only  when
you fit a current fashion in your style!

Consultation about your Personal Style Expression will help you to discover your true personal style. 

Are you Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Natural, Country/Town or Delicate?
Each person has a unique inner personality, but also a personality of appearance.

When you make choices for your lifestyle look based on your true personal style expression you always look more appealing and elegant!

The study of personality expression is based on the Yang and Yin symbols found in oriental culture. The symbols represent the balance of contrasts in the universe. We can find opposite qualities everywhere. Yang – strong and sturdy . Yin – fragile and delicate. Combination of both is Intermediate.
People belong to symbols according to their face shapes, body types and their inner qualities and preferences. Our clothing express these symbols through color, texture, line and all the principles of wardrobe design.

Each style is very attractive and appealing, yet very distinct from each other. You can be a composite of two or more types of personality expressions.

With the help of professional tests and analysis we will discover your True Personal Style! 

With consultation you will receive:

a lot of tips on where to shop for your outfits,
what to wear and what does not belong to your true personal style,
how to choose right colors and clothing lines  from current fashion,
what the best type and scale for your accessories6 
how to combine your styles,
where to shop and what to buy to always look great.

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