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What is the meaning of personal style? Is it that everybody needs it and can create it, or maybe it is only useful and achievable for public figures?  Your personal style is an important visual  statement about you that you present through your appearance to everybody.

Image’s synonyms include look, personal appearance, and personal style. 
Think - what do you want to say about yourself through your image?

What style will help you to deliver your best personal attributes and enhance your figure? What cut, what lines and what length of your clothes shows your best features? How to hide the undesirable features? What kind of   accessories, prints, necklines are the best for you?


Everybody has attractive features and has the potential to express and showcase to the world these features through personal colors and lines of outfits and accessories.

Learn how to show your best!  

Consultation  “Silhouette Analysis & Wardrobe Advice”
will answer to all your questions.

It will be based on the definition of your face shape, figure type and proportions. 

You will receive suggestions on the best accessories to compliment
your face shape, your most flattering clothing styles, and personal
advice on
ILLUSION DRESSING  your body challenges.

Benefits of Silhouette Analysis & Wardrobe Advice consultation:
You learn how to choose the most flattering clothing to balance your figure flaws, add height, subtract pounds, and enhance your features.

Together we identify your best hairstyle,  accessories, collars and lapels to compliment your face shape.

Accessories not only compliment your face shape, they also
help to expand your wardrobe and transform your look for different occasions.

Learn how to put together your outfits and create a wardrobe capsule for different life styles!

Discover what clothing qualities to look for and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe!

You can combine any questions you are interested in and I will tailor a consultation to suit your interests, needs and your budget.

The first visit is free and  includes introduction, exploring of your needs, filling out your image profile, etc... 

Second visit includes 1 hour consultation about your best  wardrobe styles. You will receive  handouts for your best colors, styles and tips for shopping.

Call to schedule your consultation in Florida: 352-633-3683, 617-686-7787 - Tatiana,

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