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"MY PERSONAL COLOR & STYLE" booklet for women

 " My Personal Color & Style" booklet helps you to create your unique  individual style. Information  in the booklet based on your color analysis results, definition of your face shape, figure type and proportions and results of your personal  style expression tests. 

Content of the booklet can vary and depends on your preferences.It might include:  

Information about your best colors for makeup, clothing and accessories, tips for color shopping  

Definition of your face shape and guidelines for choosing your best accessories: hairstyle,  ne
cklines, collars, lapels,  jewelry, pins, eyeglasses frames to compliment your  face shape

Definition of your body type and the best flattering clothing lines for your body type.

Tips  for colors coordinating  and for combining patterns

Your body proportions and suggestions on how to correct them with illusion dressing

Definition of Your Personal Style Expression and guidelines for creating Your Personal Style

Directions for planning, coordinating and building your most versatile wardrobe 

Booklet can be ordered with consultation or online.

Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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