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There are facts from “THE NUMBERS”: women spend 287 days picking out their clothes.

Closet Time: hours per year women spend choosing clothes


64: Weekday mornings,   24: Weekend mornings

34: Weekday evenings,   17: Weekend evenings

6: Gym and activities,      3.5: Dinner parties

1.7: Vacation packing,     6.6: On vacation

            Source :Matalan



 That’s between ages 16 and 60, not just a  single year, as some men might guess. British-based clothing company Matalan commissioned onepoll.com to do the math. The survey found that the average woman devotes 16 minutes every weekday morning to choosing an outfit, 14 minutes to weekend clothing selection, and 52 minutes to vacation packing. All that pondering adds to 156.8 hours annually, nearly a year over an average woman lifetime. 

Do you have a closet full of clothes you never wear because: it is too small, or big, or old, or it does not look good on you?  Are you  comfortable wearing  all your wardrobe? Or feel often that there is nothing to wear?  Do you spend a lot of time and money going back to the store with a hope that you will find better pieces and match them again and again?
Let’s give your closet a revival!  I will help you to “shop” in your closet and to select items in your best colors and the  best fit for your figure type. I will pull together pieces of your wardrobe and transform them in to the wardrobe capsules that suitable for your life style. We will match your outfits with accessories: scarves, belts, bags, shoes and jewelry. Some of your clothing will get a new life and a new look!
I can photograph  a new combination of  your outfits for your new Personal Wardrobe Album so you would not need to memorize combination of clothing and accessories. You will receive advice on  how to organize  and store your shoes, accessories, scarves, etc…I will help you to create a Shopping List if you need additional  clothing or accessories  to enhance your  personal style.
Let’s organize your closet!  It will save your time, money and allow building a closet full of clothes you  will enjoy to wear again and again.

2 hour consultation (theory) - $60
Organizing  your closet - 2 hours minimum - $100


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