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Your healthy looking skin is your most priceless beauty asset. Any makeup is much easier to apply, lasts longer and appears more natural on a well-cared skin. Your skin care advice will be based on the results of your skin evaluation with the Skin-Scan that provides a view of your skin that is not detectable to the naked eye.

Picture - Skin-Scan diagnosis at image classes (Lifelong Learning College, The Villages, FL)

The Skin-Scan allows me to analyze conditions beneath the surface layer of the skin. The black light rays cause skin conditions to fluoresce in different colors. It allows us to see the needs of the skin and recommend the correct skin care products to our clients. Almost everyone can be analyzed with the skin scan. The only exception is a person with photosensitive skin. Photosensitive people are usually well aware of their condition. Skin care product will be recommended  according to your skin type and needs. 
Skin Care Consultation includes: skin-scan analysis, skin care products suggestions,  skin care shopping  (optional)  

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