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Happy New Year With Happy New Beginnings!

By the end of 2015 
 I provided over 100 hours of seminars, workshops, photo sessions and beauty events with my international volunteering stylistic project for women of elegant age "Blooming Age" in St-Petersburg, Russia.   
For the first time our  Vasileostrovsky district took part in  the urban competition "Madam Charm 2015". Preparation for all four  contestants  nominations was new, exciting and interesting experience for me. I am so happy we did it great:)! Among provided workshops some were  conducted for the principals of schools of the St-Petersburg's region and for the directors of Recreational Centers for seniors in St. Petersburg, as well as workshop  "The role of personal image in business, social adaptation and communication" for the international women's conference "East and West meet in St. Petersburg ", 3-4 December 2015.

According to feedbacks  from participants the project  has helped them to look more attractive, gain confidence, get rid of depression, find new hobbies and feel more thought out. I am very grateful for all  kind and warm testimonials, comments  and suggestions. Thanks to everyone who took part in the project!

2015 was a great and busy year! I've  met many interesting and creative people who are actively involved in social and cultural life of our beautiful northern capital!

New 2016 promises  to be even more creative, productive and happy with fulfillment of new  joint projects and creative ideas!

Happy New Year to
 all of you! 

Tatiana Chernova, image consultant 

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