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Look better and more proportional by creating visual illusion with clothing
A Discovery health program stated that men overwhelmingly, cross culturally, cross generational are visually attracted to women who have a 70% ratio from waist to hips. Meaning waist is 70% size of hips. Beauty contestants across the decades have been this way even though they are much slimmer now than 10-20 years ago.

Even  it's generally known that there is no ideal body type,  researches show that the majority of women would prefer to be slimmer overall or in specific areas. We all come in many different shapes & sizes.
Very often dieting and exercising cannot help a lot because our genetic structure dictates our physique.

The good news – any figure can be improved with visual illusions by choosing proper choices of clothing!  You can create the illusion of beautiful proportions and shapes, focus attention where you wish  and accentuate your best features simply by wearing (applying) right  colors and designs of wardrobe items.

Here is example  how to diminish appearance  of wide hips:

1 wear a darker top and  lighter bottom,  
2 wear a darker bottom and lighter top,  

3 wear a dark skirt and jacket with the jacket  that worn open to show a lighter  blouse.
Light color of blouse will refresh  and  emphasize your face


Choose lines that project slimness & length:

one color outfits, 

clothing with  long, vertical lines, clothing that made from light (in weight)  fabrics,

clothing with  minimal details

Attract attention to your more flattering areas (can be neck, or arms, or legs, etc). It will be instantly drawing  attention away from any trouble area

Select style of clothing that is right for your figure!


1 large patterns 
2 horizontal lines
3 light & bright colors
4 shiny materials
5 oversized details 

Hope these simple tips about creating visual illusions with an appropriate lines & enhancing colors, patterns and accessories will help you to achieve a look you desire!  

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