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You don’t need to be photogenic in order to look good in your  photos. There are some pretty simple tips to follow  to be sure  that you’d always look  great and confident  in front of the camera. The camera plays tricks with our appearance...What looks good in the office might not work on television or in your photos. The TV camera “adds 10 pounds”, use illusion dressing: choose flattering clothing styles with lines and details that flatter your figure. 


Avoid stripey outfits, clashing colors, excessive accessories.

Keep it simple. You want the camera and your audience to focus on your face, not on distracting clothing and accessories. 

Television distorts colors. Avoid too dark or light clothes and rich colors.

Blues and reds come across much stronger than they really are.

Black might look too official, grim or threatening…

White can cause camera glare. Your best bets are mid-range colors. 

Avoid colors that make you look larger: light, bright, glittering colors..

Better to avoid small patterns. They appear to vibrate on the TV screen.

Solid colors are the best. 

Stay out of light until it is time to be on the set, you would not end up with a shiny look.  

For women:  


Avoid exaggerated colors. Remember reds and blues look stronger on television. 

Be careful with blush, blend it well. 

Use only matte foundation or powder. A shiny look picks up angels and imperfections 

Avoid heavy eyeliner. It can make your eyes look smaller. 

Get special eye makeup if your wear glasses. 

Choose soft shades for eye shadows, brown, grays, mauves look best. 

Everyone knows the camera adds ten pounds, but what celebrities know is how to make it look like you lost a few.

Pose slimmer! 

"To make your next photo more flattering place one hand on your hip and lean toward the opposite side. This will elongate your torso, make your arms look leaner and visually trim your overall look."

“When posing for a photo, always angle your elbow out slightly so that the upper part of your arm does not flatten out against your side” said Rex Lott, fashion photographer

“Try not to have your picture taken with models. Even if you are a fairly attractive person, you will always look a little heavy and kind of homely next to them” recommends  Betty Sze, ex-model agent 

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