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Seminar " Graying gracefully and looking gorgeous"
Seminar " Graying gracefully and looking gorgeous", International project  "Blooming Age"  


02-15-2016, 3.00-4.30 pm

House of Europe in Saint-Petersburg,  5 Kurlyandskaya str, St-Petersburg,
Non-governmental organization for cooperation in science, culture, education, and economy


This course is set up to help women transition through  graying.  We will look at the psychological factors of graying and how to come to the right decision regarding a hair color. We will discuss the importance of a great hairstyle and accessories for your face shape. The colors you have worn in the past may not look as good as they once did. We will  learn how to choose colors that enhancing  and clothing styles that flattering for your body type. Tips will be given on anti-aging makeup and skin care. Guidelines will be shared on how to dress with style and enhance the look, how to organize and make your wardrobe more practical and versatile. 

Pictures are coming soon!

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