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Here are some useful makeup tips to contour and slenderize your face! 

If you would like to slenderize your face visually, think first how you would like to balance or reshape your face.

Experiment in natural light.

Apply a little bit of color at time, it' easier to add more makeup later than to take excess away.


If you want to hide a double chin and neck - get color that for two shades darker than your skin and brush it along your jaw line in downward strokes. Begin under earlobes and end near the corners of mouth (blend well with a makeup brush and pressed powder).

You jaw line will look more defined, narrow and lifted with right makeup colors and colors of your clothing and accessories ( that close to your face).

If your eyes are puffy—avoid to use any shimmer, especially on the photos. Better to use coordinated  iridescent pearl colors.

If you would like to visually reshape your nose—dab a bit of color on the inside corners of eyes. It will make bridge of your nose narrower. Then dip your makeup brush in mocha powder (make sure to blend the colors well) and run down the sides of your nose to give it a more delicate look.

Want your forehead will appear smaller? Bangs could be very helpful….You also can make your fore-head visually smaller by brushing contouring powder on your temples and along your hairline.

Choose slenderizing hairstyle for your face shape. Remember—you hair have to go “in” where your face goes ”out”  

Get instant cheekbones: apply a warm brown blush under and around the apples of your cheeks and pink or coral on the apples. Blend colors upward and outward. It is a great technique!

Shape and groom your eyebrows, add frame to your eyes and entire face.

By dusting a little bit powder over cheeks you can get a softer look.

Pressed powder or blotting papers will minimize shine on your skin and instantly help to look less sweaty, oily and bloated

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