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18th anniversary of my Image Consulting International

mber 2015 is 18th anniversary of my Image Consulting International. My passion for image consulting began in 1998 with the first training in the international image company "Beauty For All Seasons".

During the next 11 years I was not only working, but constantly studying and profess
ionally growing with the team of wonderful and creative people who sincerely loved what they did. This training was a start for my image consulting business which I truly love to this day. In 2002 I became a graduate of George Brown College, Faculty of Image Consulting and I continue to learn and update my knowledge. I want to provide my clients with the most innovative services, and seminars' audiences - with interesting and useful information, that is keeping up with the times! 

I am very thankful for the fact that during the 18 years of my business I have travelled a lot internationally and met many interesting and creative people and made friends and acquaintances all over the world! Special thanks to my teachers, and now colleagues - Karen Branger, director of the International Image Institute and Jill Wylot, former creative director of BFAS / Jeunique Int. 

Each image consultation or a seminar is a celebration of beauty not only for my clients and students, but also for me! Together we enjoy their transformations, gain of self-confidence and positive changes in life! Thank you all for wanting to reveal your potential, change for the better, for your trust and excellent feedbacks!

Thank you for helping and participating beauty events, fashion shows, photosessions, etc! We always have so much fun and together  we make this world more colorful, beautiful and happy!

Sincerely yours, 

Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant, 



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