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Seminar "Skin care and makeup routine for women 50+"

The perfect makeup look isn't the same for everyone, but is unique for each individual. I can help with yours   whatever your age or the condition of your skin.  Find out about the changes in a woman’s makeup as she goes to the stage of  "Graceful Beauty"  (50+ ) and what makeup look is appropriate for different life styles and occasions. Your makeup color  selection will be based on your Color Analysis results and compliment your unique natural coloring. After this seminare you will know how to archive that polished makeup look!





Your healthy looking skin is your most priceless beauty asset. Any makeup is much easier to apply, lasts longer and appears more natural on a well-cared skin. Your skin care advice will be based on the results of your skin evaluation with the Skin-Scan that provides a view of your skin that is not detectable to the naked eye. Click to learn about skin-scan!

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