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Anti-aging makeup tips

Your overall look pales with age. Skin is more transpared and you need to choose colors that compliment your skin tone. 
Alter your makeup as you age.The secret about youthful makeup look is usually less, not more.  Shift attention from your eyes where lines more obvious to lips and cheeks where they less apparent. Focus on slightly brighter lips ans cheeks.Use makeup colors to enhance your warmth or  coolness of your skin undertone.

Study concluded that  discoloration is aging skin  more than lines on the surface. To reduce appearance  of  brown spots and instantly  get  the flawless look  using skin correctors (conciler, foundation or brightener). Your foundation should not be darker than your skin. No lines of demarcation! 


Finish with mineral loose powder or press powder that sets makeup and creates a natural, matte finish.

Skin with matte finish always looks younger.

Eye brows add expression to your face. Think what do you want them to say about you! A fuller brows look more youthful. Do not  tweeze too thin or color them too dark.

Don’t use black eye liner for your eyes. Heavy eye liner makes eyes to look smaller and too dark eyeliner can emphasize  age.

Blush gives aliveness to your skin. It  enhances skin tone and make you look healthier. You can balance and enhance your face shape with blush:
  • for  short (round   & square)  face shapes - to elongate and narrow,
  • for the long and narrow(rectangle & oblong)  face shapes  - to create width,
  • be sure to blend it well, don’t apply blush too heavily. 

As you age  lips look thinner and lose their color. Do not wear dark lipstick that make your lips appear thinner. If you wear matte-textured lipstick your lips  might look dry . Lipstick with  shimmer will make your lips look  fuller. Don’t line your lips creating a sharp “v” at the Cupid’s bow.  A softer curve is more youthful.

Evening makeup can be stronger, but should still be light. 

To achieve your  perfect makeup look consider your best personal colors,  face shape, skin condition, the occasion you put makeup for. Use your personal Color Palette or Color Swatch to find makeup colors  for  blush, lipstick and eye shadows for harmony and enhancement.


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