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Tips on how to age with sophistication and grace.


Thank you to all attendees of my image classes in Lifelong Learning College  and seminars for women groups in The Villages, FL for sharing  their pictures and showing  what they  have learned  to achive new look. You all are  beautiful and it has been so  much joy  to work  with  you  and help you to revive your look!

Aging is  unavoidable,  but aging poorly is not! Here is some practical advice on how to age  with sophistication and grace. In the real world people do not respond to  your appearance, but  to your Attitude and it grows out  of  self confidence, poise and personal style.

Color is one of the important keys to your great look! Color Analysis helps you to reveal the most flattering colors for makeup, clothing and accessories.  

You always look more youthful and confident when you consistently present yourself in the best makeup colors  that polish your look


Subtract years simply by changing hair color! Right color and shorter cut, chick  hair style or wearing hair up gives your look  a youthful lift.


You always look much younger and attractive by  enhancing your facial features with the correct accessories and necklines. Wear accessories  to compliment your face shape.


Look taller, leaner, more proportioned  simply by choosing the right colors,  lines and shapes of your clothing. Wardrobe styles  should flatter your figure


Update your wardrobe by  adding a  few stylish  pieces or new accessories.


Nothing dates you more   than an outdated  outfit that  is not right for  your body shape any more.Clothes that are properly tailored automatically give you  a more youthful look!


Strong, toned muscles and a trim body contribute to an attractive youthful look!    Healthy mind and a positive attitude go a long way to keeping you youthful.

Express your true inner self  through the wardrobe  style  to show Your Fashion Personality! Meet up with an  image consultant to figure out your fashion style! Are you dramatic, classic, romantic, town/casual, natural, or delicate?


Refine your personal style! Select clothing that is “ageless”: tailored suits,  slim skirts with slits or kick pleats, wrap dresses, classic notched collar shirts,  cowl necked blouses  and straight legged pants.

Bra is an important attribute of your wardrobe! The apex of the breast should fall half way between the shoulders and elbows.  Clothes are designed for the  bust to fit there. Right bra helps to create a more youthful, slimmer silhouette.

Style is about your attitude. If you feel and walk like a million dollars, you will look like a million dollars! It is never too late to look great!

Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant, for personal consultations and seminars for your group call 352-633-3683, cell 617-686-7787. 


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