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Workshop  "The importance of  personal image in entrepreneurship, communication and  social interactions", December, 4, 4-6 pm 
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Our personal image and appearance are influencing our interaction and communication with others no matter what kind of activities we are engaging in. People 
react to our appearance instinctively and subconsciously. First impressions are impactful and lasting. At first glance people infer our competence, reliability, friendliness, intelligence, as well as status and authority. Harvard studies confirm that people who project an appropriate image are much more successful in their personal and social life and career. Learn how to present yourself to the world in a way that is positive and appealing to others.

Get to know your authentic features and how to create a harmonious alliance between your features and engaging self-presentation. As an individual with the ability to present the best of your qualities you will have a great advantage in our highly competitive society and a better way to succeed in your life.

Here are some pictures from workshop:

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