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How to keep up your appearance

Always get up and get yourself ready for the day—that means put on your makeup! 

 Don’t wear colors that will wash you out. Instead, find out what are your best colors. It is amazing how this will lift your spirits and you will feel ready to conquer the day!

Use your eye color in a scarf/tie or blouse/shirt color. You will discover that other people will find it very easy to talk with you. You will be more approachable.

Use eye shadows repeating your skin, hair and eye color. These colors help to accentuate and bring focus to your eyes!

Use an interesting pair of earrings no larger than the size of your eye. It will bring the focus to the face. Remember that you want your earring to enhance you– not the earrings to be the point of focus. 

The same with patterns -  find out which ones harmonize with your face shape. Is it straighter lines that complement your face shape or more curved lines that enhance you.

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