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Hairstyle guidelines for all ages
There are many jokes about bad hair days.  There are t-shirts that sport the bad hair days.  The truth is when your hair looks awful, so do you.  But here’s the good news:  there is no bad hair, only bad haircuts.


  • Color Analysis will help you select hair colors that flow naturally with your unique coloring.
  • A great cut should balance your face shape and enhance your facial features..
  • Two simple rules: get a great cut and keep it clean
  • Stylish hair is all about a cut appropriate to your hair texture.
  • Ones you’ve learned about your face shape - clip out photos of hairdos you like in magazines but understand that your texture of hair will be the determining factor of whether or not it can be cut like that. Here is example. 

  • Judge your hairdresser’s work by how it looks right after a cut and simple dry, not after he/she twiddles and sprays and blows and backcombs it.
  • You should be able to style your hair at home with just a brush, comb, blow dryer, and -at most- a little dab of product and a few squirts of spray. 
  • Respect your hairs natural color and texture, and it will behave kindly to you in return.  With few exceptions, drastic departures from what nature endowed you with will never produce the results you desire.  Also, drastic departures are never simple and easy to accomplish.

A good stylist should become acquainted with your hair, personality and lifestyle. The lack of a good hair cut can undermine your self-confidence. A general guideline:  Where the face goes out have the hair come in and where the face goes in have the hair go out. 
Some guidelines taken from:  Simple Isn’t Easy by Olivia Goldsmith and Amy Fine Collins. 

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