A L L     A B O U T     Y O U R     B E S T     P E R S O N A L     C O L O R S     &     S T Y L E.     CENTRAL     FLORIDA,     352-633-3683
Benefits of personal image consulting

  • Appealing  and harmonious image increases self-confidence, improves self presentation, develops more positive attitude,  helps to adapt to life changes and social environment 
  • Ability to choose right  makeup and clothing helps to create harmonious and up to date look, that is engaging and helps you with communication with others.
  • Knowledge of your best colors, style and accessories  saves you time and money while you are shopping. 
  • Understanding of fitting of clothing provides comfort and elegant look
  • Acquired skills in stylistics open horizons in helping others to pick the best personal  colors and styles and look and feel  their best! 
 For personal consultation or workshop for your group please contact me 352-633-3683, cell-617-686-7787-Tatiana


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