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Tips for color shopping

There is a big difference between just a regular  and savvy color shopping. Learn some color tips and shop like a PRO! 

 - When you find a color, that is not in your palette, fan your colors and look for a blending. You do not need to match colors exactly. They can be slightly lighter, darker, brighter, or softer.

 -  To help you visualize color, a basic color, or a color of clothing you already own, take other colors from your palette one or two at a time and you can see how they will go together.

 -  Best Basics are fundamental colors, especially good for coats, shoes, suits, jackets, skirts, handbags, and gloves.

 - Intensifiers are colors directly opposite each other on your color palette or  the color wheel .

 - When two intensifiers are worn together, both colors look brighter. You can brighten the color of your hair, skin, and eyes by wearing their intensifiers.

 - Spend the most you can afford on your basic coat, suit and dress as these form the back bone of your wardrobe

 - Buy non-seasonal clothing

 - Beware of fads

 -  Guard against impulse buying

 - Read labels carefully for washing instructions and durability

 -  Have a plan in mind

 -  Shop according to your lifestyle


 “When buy piece of wardrobe – think about cost per wear. If you see a black dress you love, divide the price by the numbers of times you’ll wear it. This equation forces you to think of the value. If you got something on sale for $5.00 but you don’t use it, you just wasted $5.00.”


Kathryn Finney, author of ”How to Be a Budget  Fashionista”. 

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