A L L     A B O U T     Y O U R     B E S T     P E R S O N A L     C O L O R S     &     S T Y L E.     CENTRAL     FLORIDA,     352-633-3683

Now you can receive all services on the personal image enhancement online at the comfort of your home! The same great professional image tools will be used for your online consultation  that I use  for consultation in person. All  tips and handouts will be provided with online services. 



For color analysis, face shape analysis and corrective makeup techniques online I would ask you to send me your full color face picture.

For silhouette analysis and visual illusions online consultations I would ask you to send me you full figure (dressed) picture.

Upon receipt of your request for services I will send  you  instructions and questionnaires to be completed by you.

All your submitted information is confidential.  Postal fees will be included in your payments.

To book your consultation call 352-633-3683, 617-686-7787 - Tatiana Tchernova, image consultant  



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