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"Madam Glamour -2015", St-Petersburg, Russia

For the first time ever our Valileostrovsky district  of St-Petersburg, Russia  participated  in the  citywide beauty competition Madam Glamour 2015, held in Kronshtadt, May, 27, 2015.  Olga Hohlova  was baby boomers representative of our district  in  the event. 

Tatiana Tchernova  was Olga's personal imagemaker and helped her out with all four phases  that were included in this competition: personal introduction, art of singing, dancing and styling. 

The competition was spectacular and beautiful and showed the boundless creativity of our baby boomer generation! Thank you to photographer Irina Kiseleva for helping with video and pictures.


Click on the picture above for Olga's dance video

Click on the picture below for more information (in Russian)

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