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Image seminars, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2015

"Beauty Without Borders"  is an  international  project that based on  educational program on  personal image enhancement and self presentation ( in Russian and English). This program  aim is to help women to look  better and up to date,  gain self-confidence  and feel great about themselves. The meaning of the project  is to popularize a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage the ability to keep pace with the times and fashion with respect to personal style!

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Featured seminars:



Listing of some places where my seminars have been presented in St-Petersburg, Russia

Recreation Center of Vasileostrovsky Region, St-Petersburg, Russia

Shelter Faith for girls-teenagers in need, St-Petersburg, Russia

Library #3,14А, 17 line, Vasilevsky Island, St-Petersburg, Russia

Recreational and social center of Krasnoselsky District, St-Petersburg, Russia

School # 1, 32/2, Novaya Str, Kirovsk

10 International Forum Senior Generation, Lenexpo

Social club "The older, the younger”, 15/17, Rubinstein Str, St-Petersburg, Russia  


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