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Want to look good and make the right impression?

 Want to look good and make the  right impression?  Here are some simple things to avoid:   

  • buying  cheap clothing
  • wearing  worn out clothing
  • dressing to cutesy, fashion fads
  • emphasizing  your body disproportions
  • minimizing your good physical features
  • wearing  inappropriate accessories                  
  • (cheap jewelry and shoes)
  • being underdressed
  • being incompletely dressed
  • mixing fashion styles
  • overusing of color
  • dressing like your daughter
  • wearing the wrong size
  • dressing to please someone else
  • letting sales clerks do all your shopping for you 

Keep it simple.  Play up your strengths.  Don’t take the chameleon approach,  try to alter your style and personality to suit the occasion.  Self-awareness is a prerequisite to true style.  It is important to know your body and personality traits for what they are. 


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